TowBotŪ ...Frequently Asked Questions

What is the iTowBot capable for?

The iTowBot is THE ideal tug for ground-handling of aircraft and helicopters with a MTOM of up to 15.000 lbs and with heavy version of up to 30.000 lbs. A special designed unit can move up to 50.000 lbs MTOM.

How long will the iTowBot run between charges?

Approximately four hours prior to the need for recharging. The iTowBot has its own internal battery charger/maintainer that requires the operator to simply plug into a wall outlet. Only for Europe and Africa the iTowBot is fitted with a 70-240 Volts charger.

At what distance will I be able to command the iTowBot?

The iTowBot was specifically designed to provide adequate distance for the operator to tow an aircraft while stepping back to visually clear the areas around the aircraft. It was not designed to tow aircraft on the other side of the airport while staying on the opposite. We have determined that a distance of approximately 30m is acceptable.

What happens if my iTowBot loses signal or receives interference from another source?

The iTowBot was designed with loss of signal and interference protection built it. It will merely shutdown momentarily if it loses signal or a corrupted signal.
What about heavier aircrafts?

We also offer a heavier iTowBot with a beefier chain and stronger built frame for aircraft with MTOW of up to 30.000lbs. If you are interested in this model please send an email with our contact form.

A special designed unit can move aircraft with a MTOM of up to 50.000 lbs. Please inquire.

What about dual-nose wheel aircraft?

We also deliver the iTowBot with a carriage that is capable for dual-nose wheel aircraft. If you are interested in this model please send an email with our contact form.

How do I turn the iTowBot on?

Simply turn the switch on at the transmitter and the unit itself as shown. The transmitter will auto scan for open frequencies, lock out any that are being used, and then frequency hop on the remaining. You are now ready to use your iTowBot.
What if the apron has a slope?

The standard-iTowBot already tows up to 15.000 lbs. Depending on the weight of your aircraft the iTowBot is also capable for slopes. Further more there is also a heavier model of the iTowBot available which tows up to 30.000 lbs. A special designed unit can move up to 50.000 lbs MTOM.

Can the iTowBot be used on dirt or gravel?

Using the iTowBot on these type of surfaces is not recommended. Asphalt and concrete are preferable.

How hard is the iTowBot to control?

It is very intuitive to control. Some practice should be made prior to loading and pushing your aircraft back in the hangar. Remember to conduct this in an area free of obstacles or structures.

How long does it take for the iTowBot to recharge?

Approximately 8 hours after a complete discharge.

Can I operate my iTowBot from inside my aircraft?

The operator should exercise extreme caution in selecting the vantage point from which to operate the tug. It is not recommended to move an aircraft whilst sitting inside.

Do I need to position my prop in any certain position?

As with any aircraft tug, caution should be used when mounting and dismounting the iTowBot from the aircraft. Three-bladed props, prior to loading the aircraft, should be aligned to ensure proper clearance for the iTowBot.

Is the aircraft difficult to load onto the iTowBot?

It is as easy as the video illustrates. There may be some instances where traction is an issue. If it is, sometimes making a little "run" at the nose tire helps to aid in loading. If that is still an issue then the loading surface may need to be looked at. We have had customers who have laid down an anti-skid mat in extremely slick situations.

How do I release the nose gear after I have loaded it in the iTowBot?

Merely step on the foot pedal at the rear of the iTowBot until the release mechanism on the carriage unlocks and then drive the iTowbot out from underneath the aircraft.

Do I need to chock the aircraft to load and unload?

We recommend chocking heavier aircraft at all times during the loading or unloading.

How do I return my iTowBot for warranty or service work?

Returns for defective workmanship or mechanical failure will be covered for a period of 12 months from customer's receipt of the iTowBot. Returns for other reasons will be subject to a 20% restocking fee, plus shipping and handling back to the distributor to be paid by the customer. Reasons for the returning the iTowBot must be documented in advance by email and sent to